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Coaching Philosophy

leaven /ˈlev(ə)n/ def.: To permeate and modify or transform for the better

JeanAnn’s coaching philosophy stems from a passion for “leavening the atmosphere”. Leaveners, such as yeast in bread, create pockets of light and air that allow surrounding material to expand, stretch, and attain superior texture and flavor; similarly, JeanAnn holds space for each of her clients to rise to new challenges and produce extraordinary results. Through an holistic, forward-looking approach, she works with clients to enable them to achieve a rich, rewarding life and career.

How Coaching Works

Elite athletes leverage coaching to fine-tune their technique, build fitness, and gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses as competitors. Business leadership coaching delivers very similar benefits. A professional coach will guide you through productive self-reflection, help you identify current habits that may be impeding your progress, and work with you to develop a concrete, actionable strategy for reaching your full leadership potential.

JeanAnn’s coaching helps successful business leaders:

Communicate Effectively

  • Engage, inspire, and motivate others
  • Hold crucial conversations to resolve conflict
  • Promote understanding across cultures

Facilitate Change

  • Solve business problems and develop big-picture strategy
  • Manage business transitions and global expansion
  • Thoughtfully embrace technology and innovation

Reflect and Grow

  • Articulate goals, create action plans, and measure progress
  • Manage energy and time more effectively
  • Improve self-confidence and executive presence
  • Build a strong, consistent personal brand

Coaching Packages

JeanAnn offers both short-term coaching packages, which focus on helping you overcome a specific, well-defined challenge, and long-term coaching engagements, which focus on your big-picture professional goals. All packages include a combination of:

  • Regular meetings via phone, videoconference, or in person
  • Independent exercises to help you build new skills and break counterproductive behavior patterns
  • Recommended reading and other supplemental resources
  • Availability via email for advice and perspective on day-to-day challenges
  • 360 degree feedback and leadership assessments