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JeanAnn’s coaching focus areas reflect her personal strengths and extensive experience in corporate leadership, technology, and global enterprise. Focusing on one or more of these areas will help new clients maximize the benefit of coaching sessions:

Measurement and Results

Everyone has their own definition of success; JeanAnn draws on decades of experience working with diverse leaders to help you articulate what success means to you. Through structured self-reflection, you’ll build a conscious awareness of your strengths and skill gaps, and identify concrete steps that you can take to break through to higher-quality leadership. You’ll then create—and hold yourself accountable to—an action plan that includes specific, measurable progress indicators.

Technology Strategy

Today’s corporate leaders are facing constant, accelerating technological change. As a veteran of multiple leadership roles in a $60-billion dollar global technology company, JeanAnn will help you prepare your team to learn, adapt, and embrace innovation in a way that strengthens your company’s competitive position and enhances your corporate brand.

Global Perspective

In a globally-connected economy, corporate leaders can’t afford to let geographic or cultural borders limit their thinking. JeanAnn brings decades of international business leadership experience to her coaching practice, and offers practical tips, tools, and exercises to strengthen your global strategy and cross-cultural communication skills.

Ethical Leadership

Corporate ethics have never been so closely scrutinized—but corporate leaders have also never had so many opportunities to do good. JeanAnn’s coaching creates a safe, creative space for executives to discuss ethical challenges and identify approaches that strengthen their communities, their companies, and the world.

Executive Presence

Often perceived as a personality “gift”, executive presence is really just a set of learnable skills and habits—including decisiveness, poise under pressure, and the ability to project confidence and expertise. Through practical, concrete exercises, JeanAnn will help you strengthen these elements and improve your ability to inspire and influence others.

Sustainable Performance

An executive career is a marathon, not a sprint. As your coach, JeanAnn will ensure that you build a proactive, structured approach to self-care—including exercise, nutrition, recovery, and spirituality—that enables you to make effective decisions and achieve optimal long-term professional and personal satisfaction and fulfillment.