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Fundamentals of High Performance Leadership

Instructors: JeanAnn Nichols/Tracy Wilk

Time: Thursdays, 7:00pm-8:50pm, Six Weeks

Course Summary:

High-performance leadership requires confidence and competence in three key areas.

  • The first is managing one’s self, i.e., mastering how you show up as a leader by drawing upon your self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and executive presence.
  • Second is leading one-to-one; i.e., engaging powerfully and authentically in setting direction, receiving and providing effective feedback, and coaching for growth.
  • The third is leading a team; i.e., maximizing a team’s impact and performance by hiring the right talent, communicating a compelling vision, providing purpose, and creating a supportive, inclusive culture.

Each session will consist of a lecture, discussion, and case study on one of the elements of the three pillars of leadership. Content will be drawn from the instructors’ experiences as well as popular business theory and texts. Each class will also include an in-depth onsite interview with a tech industry leader. Past speakers have included senior executives from Alibaba, Facebook, Google, Intel, TaskRabbit and other leading companies.

Come prepared to share your challenges, advice, and stories, and learn from one another to increase your leadership impact.

Registration details at (will insert link to specific course once it goes live in August)

Fundamentals of High Performance Leadership (On Line)

Tracy Wilk and I are pleased offer the leadership topics we developed for Stanford Continuing Studies in an interactive on-line experience. This 75 minute, bi-weekly, on-line course allows you to practice new skills and engage with peers via chat, breakout and whiteboard activities. Leadership skills covered include:

  • Developing your executive presence
  • Delegating and coaching for performance
  • Receiving and giving difficult feedback
  • Managing conflict
  • Multiplying team effectiveness
  • Managing through change

If interested in further details and to sign-up for the course, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. We look forward to seeing you in class!

Be a Great Mentor: A Practical Guide to Mentorship

Do you want to accelerate your career growth? Get a raise or promotion? Consider becoming a mentor. Research shows mentors receive promotions and are more likely to earn raises. A study by the Association of Talent Development (2017) found that 75% of executives believe mentoring was key to their success, and 75% of millennial employees surveyed expected their manager to mentor them. Being a mentor gives you additional opportunities to practice your leadership, grow your communication skills and hone your emotional intelligence. If you’re at the peak of your career, mentoring is a great way to continue to expand your network and build a legacy. Becoming a great mentor is good for you, your mentee, and your organization.

This course will help you prepare to be a Great Mentor. You will learn how to:

  • Get clarity on the value you bring as a mentor
  • Identify and select your ideal mentee
  • Build your mentoring skills
  • Overcome common obstacles to mentoring relationships

Mentors provided key insight at critical turning points in my 30 year career in the technology industry. In this course, I share my personal experiences and stories of great mentors, along with some cautionary tales. I’ve included many resources to help you build your skills: worksheet exercises to download and complete, interactive assignments, and checklist tools you can download and share with your mentee. You’ll have unlimited access to the material – watch as many times as you like.