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Intentional Power: The 6 Essential Leadership Skills for Triple Bottom Line Impact explores how the transition from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism has created an urgent need for a new model of leadership; a model that enables leaders to navigate competing demands from both internal and external stakeholders including the most racially and age-diverse workforce in history, activist investors, purpose-driven customers, and global government regulators.

Intentional Power argues persuasively for a more inclusive, comprehensive approach to leadership disrupting the traditional paradigm that has been taught for decades in business books, management courses, and by legacy leaders themselves. It is a guide for delivering triple bottom-line impact:  enhancing profits, people, and the planet.

Written by Lisen Stromberg, JeanAnn Nichols, and Corey Jones, three leadership experts who bring a wealth of experience from their decades of working within companies and alongside leaders as corporate consultants, this book is a call to action for the next generation of leaders to move beyond an entirely individual focus toward a more sustainable approach to how they lead. Deeply researched, the authors draw on an extensive review of the latest literature on cognitive and positive psychology, organizational design, and performance management, as well as extensive interviews with leaders across several industries, to highlight the most critical skills required by today’s executives and managers. They offer a new model of leadership, the HEARTI® model, built on six core competencies: Humility, Empathy, Accountability, Resiliency, Transparency, and Inclusivity. These skills are essential for success in today’s new world of work.

With urgency and passion, Intentional Power argues that to truly deliver the triple bottom line impact companies and their stakeholders want and need, modern leaders must build their HEARTI® skills – and they must do it now!

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