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On My Nightstand

The 100 Year Life by Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott

With lifespans in Western society extending beyond 100 years, how will we educate, work and retire? The first 2/3 of the book are about how you can afford retirement on a long lifespan, and the last 1/3 of the book asks questions about the implications to business, government, educational institutions, society, and the environment.

Thank you for Being Late by Thomas Friedman

This book is about accelerators – Moore’s Law, the Market, and Mother Nature. The pace of technology is driving businesses to seek “dynamic stability” – stability while moving, like when you ride a bike or paddle a kayak.

Enduring Classics

Sink, Float or Swim by Scott Peltin & Jogi Rippel

HalfTime by Bob Buford

Open Heart, Clear Mind by Thubten Chodron

The Second Half of Life by Angeles Arien

The Truth About You by Marcus Buckingham

StrengthFinders2.0 by Tom Rath

Start with Why by Simon Sinek

Leading Out Loud by Terry Pearce

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson and Joseph Grenny